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At PETRA Modular, we believe in embracing innovation and transformative technologies to reshape the global accommodation landscape with sustainable, effective, and cost-efficient modular solutions.

With over 30 years of research and development, we have integrated cutting-edge technology into our manufacturing and delivery processes, enabling us to deploy progressive, flexible, and customisable buildings worldwide. Through this integrated system, our team of experienced industry experts is able to effectively solve the global trillion-dollar accommodation crisis and build a transformative future for the betterment of society and the environment.

Our Capabilities

Modular Excellence

We offer a complete end-to-end solution for modular projects using our extensive design library, diligently vetted supply chain, manufacturing and logistics expertise to deliver our buildings for rapid site installation.

Extensive BIM design capabilities across all disciplines
Supply Chain
Ensuring quality and compliant materials and services
Proprietary manufacturing management systems and low-cost production
worldwide delivery
Fast site installation to maximise the project benefits for our clients
Why Us

Redefining the Future of Construction Worldwide

As one of the regions only specialist modular building companies at the forefront of modular technology, we deliver unparalleled excellence,  innovative solutions, and provide the very best the industry has to offer.

Adhering to international standards and regional design requirements, every project meets your needs for quality and durability within your designated budget.

With experienced in-house designers and a highly-skilled production team, every modular build is designed to bring your unique vision to life and give you all the benefits of a modular approach to building.

Our extensive network of suppliers and service providers allows us to handle large-scale production and manufacturing for a seamless start to finish.

Our experience with international import and global freight operations ensures swift delivery to our site teams for timely local installation wherever in the world you are.

With our modular building strategies, you will receive factory-quality, speedy builds that require less manpower and onsite time, maximising efficiency without compromising quality.

Past Projects

Our Unbeatable Track Record

Our unwavering commitment to exceptional and transformative modular designs is reflected in our diverse range of completed projects worldwide.

Bunbury, Australia

Liverpool Show Unit, Liverpool

Guide Hill Station,

Swan Valley,

Hope Downs 4,

Capricorn Village, Perth

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